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Move, shift, sweat, brew

Well, it’s been a pretty crazy few weeks.

We moved into a new 8000 square foot site in Penrith at the end of May. But, as anyone who has ever moved house will know, actually moving all your stuff from one place to another is only half the battle: You are then faced with the gargantuan task of putting everything in its right place and making your new home habitable. *

After weeks of arranging, plumbing, digging, drilling, screwing, lifting, dragging, re-arranging, kicking, screaming, swearing, sweating and - somehow at the same time - carrying on brewing beer, things are now starting to look something like sorted.

 This video will give you an idea of what the last few weeks have been like.

Thirsty people, big orders

Considering the insatiable thirst people seem to have for our beer at the moment, getting the brewery back on line couldn’t have come a moment too soon. All of our casks, cans and bottles are disappearing faster than you can say “Get back to work, Linda!” and, to add to all of this, we are working hard to fulfil a major order for a national supermarket chain.

This is because, earlier in the summer, we heard the Co-op had selected our beer to be part of their local range at 18 stores across Cumbria. This means our Eden Gold, Eden Best, First Emperor, Thunderbolt, Dynamite and Depth Charge will soon be on sale at a store near you.

More beer for more people

Obviously, we are pretty chuffed about our success with the Co-op.

As we’ve said before, moving premises is the start of a major project to grow the business and begin spreading the Eden brand across the UK and the world (yes, that even sounds ambitious to us, but it’s true!). Getting a listing in the Co-op is a great first step in this mission.

We’re hoping to have a lot more good news like this over the coming months, so if anyone has a basic knowledge of either cloning or teleportation it could be useful in helping Linda keep up with the ever growing demand for our beer.

* Just in case we haven't told you yet, our new address is Hartness Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9BD. 

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