Enjoying our personal space

When we first moved premises back in May it seemed a bit like we would never fill all the space we had.

Jason and Linda had become so proficient at the intricate dance of manhandling kegs and malt bags around a building with more obstacles than a Whacky Warehouse that it almost felt like an embarrassing amount of space.

Well that’s all changed.

Linda hard at work in the new brewhouse.

Over the last few weeks we’ve added three new 10 barrel FV’s from China, which have given us 4800 extra litres of brewing capacity. In total we can now ferment 75 brewers’ barrels or 12,000 litres of beer, that’s about 21,739 pints, with room for another 20 barrels of capacity.

It’s just as well that we’ve been able to expand, as the unquenchable thirst of our fans doesn’t seem to be abating and we’re brewing more than ever before. The unstoppable Eden Gold is as popular as ever, Booths, the Co-op and Westmorland are forever demanding more beer, along with our local retailers, and our overactive imaginations keep coming up with new ideas for beers we can brew.

We’ve also got a lot of exciting projects just over the horizon which we’re itching to tell you about.  These will all require more capacity so we can make our core beers and brew our special and limited edition creations at the same time.

Of course, it’s not all been roses. Some of you will know we’ve had some issues recently which have caused a beer shortage. Basically, Eden Gold decided it didn’t like its new home and we had a number of brews that were distinctly not golden.

Obviously, we don’t want anything less than perfect going out of the door and so we were forced to jettison a fair few gallons of beer which left us with a bit of a shortage for a week or so. But we’re back in the swing of things and, save a few process teething problems, Jason and Linda are generally just chuffed to have a bit more personal space.

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