Getting to know "the monk"

At the beginning of this year we set ourselves the challenge of creating some truly delicious and original limited edition beers

Well, this year has turned out to be pretty busy one way or another, but we’ve still been working as hard as we can to keep experimenting. It would be easier to sit back and just concentrate on pumping out some of your old favourites. But it would also be boring. And we’re not going to do it.

This is why Linda has been battling away on our latest limited edition Steamin Monk.

Bathing in beer

We love to make refreshing beers that get to the root of your thirst. But just as much fun is a truly luxurious beer that you can wallow in like a deep bath (as strange an image as that may be).

Steamin Monk is the second kind of beer. A powerful 9.3% ABV Belgian Tripel, our ecclesiastical friend is definitely someone you’ll want to sit down with for a long involved conversation rather than a quick chat.

We use a healthy loading of Saaz and Savinsky to create an aromatic and lightly spiced Tripel, with a dash of Demerara sugar for delicate sweetness and complexity.

You’ll want to take your time to let tongue and brain fully appreciate the subtle layers of “the monk” and get to truly know his delightful depth of character.

A monk on the move

But you’ll have to be quick. Steamin Monk has been out on sale for about a week now at Gloucester and Tebay Services, as well as Rheged, Kirkland News and the Factory Tap, in Kendal, Chestnut House, in Pooley Bridge, and Sheepish, in Keswick, and it’s absolutely flying.

Buy it quick. Then drink it slow.

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