Soothing brows in London

Whatever your political opinion may be, we can all surely agree that this year has been a particularly topsy turvy one in the world of Westminster.

If we look back at our blog at the turn of the year there is little hint of the historical turmoil that was to follow. Back in those pre-Brexit days when Donald Trump wasn’t even a candidate let alone president-elect, we were mainly concerned with the Chief Medical Officer’s zany advice that alcohol is bad for you (that’s ironic by the way Portman Group) or the effect of the “craft beer revolution” on British hop varieties.

These now seem like quaint concerns from a more innocent age.

In the months since there has been an orgy of blood-letting amongst our elected reps which would make a vampire wince, no-one - if they’re honest - really has much of an idea of what’s going on anymore and everyone is having to get used to saying “President Trump” (which, frankly, just sounds like a particularly powerful attack of wind).

Eden Brewery beer near the Lake District Cumbria

So, we are off on a mission of mercy down to London to help smooth the furrowed brows of our weary MP’s in the only way we know how - by giving them beer.

On December 6 we are heading down to the Houses of Parliament with a load of other Cumbrian producers to take part in Cumbria Day. Our friendly local MP’s have organised Cumbria Day, which is a chance for us and other local companies to show off our products in the corridors of power.

Some of the other brilliant Cumbrian companies going along include our friends at Bowness Bay Brewery, Carvetti Coffee, Grasmere Gingerbread and lots of others.

Let’s hope we can help everyone relax a bit in the run-up to the New Year.

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