This week's big news story...

Well, it’s been another interesting week in the world and for us at Eden HQ.

We aren’t going to get dragged into talking about what’s happening in the world - other than to suggest it’s as good a time as any to have a few beers...

In case you missed it, we’ve also been asking people to suggest a new name for one of our ranges of beers after the Portman Group decided the old one could be associated with “violent and aggressive” behaviour. (This particular news story was even covered by the national press - we thought they'd have had bigger fish to fry this week if we're honest.)

We were a bit peeved by the Portman Group’s decision, but we are happy to move on and keep on brewing the great beers that were part of the range even if we have to change the branding. After all, as we’ve already said, we know our beers sell on the strength of what’s in the bottle rather than what is on it.

However, it’s been nice to get all your suggestions and comments. We’ll go through them all and have a think, but we may well be brewing some limited edition special beers with some pretty imaginative names (as long as they don’t get censored again).

But for all you fans of our now infamous ‘You know what’ range of beers we are glad to say that three of these nameless beers are now on sale in Booths and Tebay and Gloucester Services ready for Christmas. Here's what they look like...

Eden brewery Cumbria beers made near Penrith, near the Lake District

The three are made up of:

  • Our old friend Hop Rocket (on sale at Booths), with its trans-Atlantic mashup of Old and New World hops, subtle but deep flavours of citrus and fruit
  • Our Eastern friend Tokyo Express (available at Gloucester and Tebay Services), made with Chinook and Amarillo and infused with the fresh flavours of Matcha Green Tea
  • Our new friend Yakama Chief (also at Gloucester and Tebay Services), which is a sizzling payload of American Willamette and Amarillo, in a super-sized 750ml bottle designed to really help you take your time and savour the flavour

We hope they’ll help keep you level headed in these interesting times and perhaps inspire you with some really fantastic suggestions for new identities for our outlawed beer.

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