Well, that was a busy year!

As the malt and hop dust begins to settle on another action-packed year here at Eden, we’re just about at the stage where we can sit back, sip a few festive brews and reflect on the whirlwind of activity that’s been 2017.

Every year here seems to get busier than the last, but 2017 definitely wins the award for being our most manic - but also most exciting - year of them all.

Here are some of the highlights.

The big move

By far the biggest development for us this year has been our big move from Brougham Hall to our massive, shiny new home in Penrith. It may not have gargoyles on the wall, but it more than makes up for that with a vast amount of space which has let us produce more beer, given us more space to experiment and, perhaps most importantly, given everyone a bit of much needed personal space.

We’ve got a lot more exciting news about how we’re using the space to come next year so stay tuned.


 The crack team shifting the brewery in May.

Far Eastern exploits

Amid the mad rush of relocating and rebuilding a brewery (and managing to carry on brewing beer at the same time) Jason somehow managed to find the time to go to Japan and China to explore the potential of bringing Eden to the Far East. This means by this time next year Eden could well be an international brand.

We’ll keep you updated on our quest for world domination throughout 2018.


                   A Cumbrian brewer and the Shanghai skyline.                        

Getting studious

We had great fun working with design students at University of Cumbria to design the cans for our Eden Student Design Project. Every year we’re going to produce a new range of exciting, experimental beers and give talented youngsters at the uni the chance to set their imaginations free on the packaging.

This year Elinor Prescott came up with fantastic designs for our Thirsty Dog and Smoooth Sippin’ Coco Chino Ale. We’re already overflowing with ideas for what we’re going to do next year...


      Elinor Prescott came up with the great designs for our first Student Design Project.

And finally...

But, of course, the biggest highlight of the year for us has been you, our committed supporters and fans. All your encouragement and great feedback over the year has helped keep us going, made us laugh and inspired us to make even more fantastic beer next year.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and bring on 2018!

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