5000ml Mini Keg Beacon

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A 5000ml Mini Keg of Beacon. This originally started life out as a cask, but due to the pubs being closed we have decided to decant the cask ale into the Mini Keg. We have re-primed the beer. Please place the Mini Keg in a warm place (room temperature) for a few days so the sugar and the remaining yeast can work their magic. The pouring of Beacon will then be like it is coming from a pump. Once you are ready to drink Beacon place the Mini Keg in the fridge. The Mini Keg will last 6 months, but once opened it should last 3 to 5 days depending on your storage.


This offer is only for Cumbrian homes as we will deliver the Mini Keg ourselves. This will be left at the back of your property, unless you stipulate another place. Chris can also call you from his mobile once he has delivered it. Although I'm sure he'll delight in harping back to his youth where he would knock on your door and run ;-)

We use traditional floor malted Maris Otter barley and personally choose a classic blend of English hop varieties to make what we call 'the best of the bests'.

Maris Otter Barley / Crystal / Chocolate / Goldings / Fuggle / US-05 / 4.0%

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