Totem Pole / Eden Student Design Project / Ragnar Raspberry / Wheat Beer / 6 x 440ml Craft Can

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We made this beer to help talented young people get noticed.

Every year we challenge design students at the University of Cumbria to unleash their imaginations on the cans for a special range of beers. Our job? Making sure the liquid inside is just as vibrant as their creations. This eye-catching can is the work of second year graphic design student Sam Mallard.

Ragnar Raspberry

At Eden we think if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well. That’s why when we decided to make a special range of fruit beers we didn’t hold back, indulge in a triple berry hit, with the just-picked summer freshness of raspberries interwoven with the strawberry flavour of German Huell Melon, French Barbe Rouge hops and a complex base of wheat and barley.

Maris Otter Low Colour Barley / Wheat / Huell Melon / Barbe Rouge / Raspberry / WB-06 / 5.5%

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