Eden was born out of a dream of better beer. The kind of beer that requires love and hard work. The kind of beer you demand; beer for people who aren't afraid to push themselves. 

The harder we work, the more we can relax by exploring the beautiful landscape we call home and popping the cap on a well earned beer at the end of the day. 

Craft Ale Packaging Line

The project included the purchase and installation of a new bottling line for Eden Brewery to process and bottle craft beers into various speciality and standard beer bottles. It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and supported by the Cumbria Fells & Dales Local Action Group.

10BBL Brewhouse & Tanks

This project included further development of the brewery to include a 10BB Brewhouse and additional multipurpose vessels to increase production capacity. It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and supported by the Cumbria Fells & Dales Local Action Group.


Andrew Hunter

Production Manager and Sports Enthusiast

Andrew plays a crucial role as our Brewery Production Manager, overseeing operations to ensure the finest quality in every batch we produce. Beyond the brewery, he's a sports aficionado, engaging in various activities like swimming, tennis, and golf. His dedication and patience extend to his role as a father, where he cherishes precious moments with his daughter. When he's not on the field or spending time with family, Andrew finds solace in the picturesque hills of Cumbria, taking refreshing walks amidst nature's beauty.

Neil Parley

Master Spirit Mixer and Culinary Enthusiast

Neil is the creative mind behind our exceptional spirits, skillfully crafting delightful gin, vodka, and rum blends. His passion for mixology shines through in every sip of our signature drinks. Beyond crafting cocktails, Neil's wanderlust drives him to explore diverse cultures, seeking unique flavors worldwide. With a fondness for fine dining, he brings culinary excellence to our team and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen during his leisure. Neil's love for the finer things also extends to good wines. Additionally, he finds solace and joy in carpentry, crafting both beautiful and functional pieces during his spare time.

William Grisdale

Production Op.

Bill is vital to our team, collaborating with Ian for a smooth production process. Off-duty, he crafts captivating electronic beats and connects globally through amateur radio. An explorer, Bill travels, immersing in cultures and savoring local beers, bringing adventure and creativity to our team and brews.

Ian Wilkinson

Production Op.

Ian is a dedicated member of our team, specializing in brewery packaging and bottling and canning production. When he's not ensuring our products are perfectly packaged, you can find him hitting the open road on his motorbike, embracing his love for adventure. Ian's a big fan of rock music, and he enjoys immersing himself in its rhythm whenever possible. On the flip side, he's not a fan of queues and crowds, preferring the freedom of open spaces instead.

Chris Poulson

Casks and Beer Sales Guru and Adventure Enthusiast

Meet Chris, our dynamic Casks and Beer Sales Person, also a reliable Delivery Driver ensuring careful product shipment. With an adrenaline passion, he zooms on his sport motorbike, exploring new horizons. Dedicated to fitness, he hits the gym and swims for energy. A social butterfly, Chris thrives with friends, cherishing laughter and connection. As a beer enthusiast, he explores Cumbia pubs for local flavors. Chris's adventurous, friendly spirit enriches our team.

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