New look, new name: Same great beer ...

In the six years since we started Eden, it’s fair to say there hasn’t been much standing still.

Anyone who’s ever been to see us at the brewery will know this is literally true, as Jason, Linda, Neil et al rush to and fro in a blur from mash tun to kettle, kettle to FV, FV to telephone and sometimes - if they’re lucky - home to have a sleep.

But it’s also been true in a wider sense, as the brewery has constantly evolved as we seek to grow the brand and market our beer across the UK and the world. We’ve always known we’re not going to grow Eden to have the reach it deserves by just concentrating on Cumbria. We love Cumbria, but you can only grow so big by focusing on your own backyard.

At the same time, we don’t want to leave people behind who’ve supported us and loved our beer for so long, or stop producing the beers that made you our fans in the first place.

Say hello to Eden River Brew Co

We know we’re your favourite Eden Brewery. But, since we started production, Eden Mill/Brewery in Scotland have also started up, as well as one in Mittagong Australia. MillerCoors even has a massive (and troubled) brewery in Eden, North Carolina.


All of this means that, through no fault of our own, our name can sometimes be a bit confusing for people - especially for our increasingly international audience. So, from today, say goodbye to Eden Brewery and hello to Eden River Brew Co.

As well as being unique, our new name is a nod to our home in the Eden Valley.  It has a fresh, contemporary ring to it, but is still grounded in our roots here in Cumbria.

Having a makeover

And, if you’re going to change your name, why not change your look as well?

We’ve worked with the brilliant Gary at Colourmedia, in Carlisle, to develop a slick new logo for the brewery, as well as working with student designer Jemma Ainsworth to come up with bright, exciting new designs for our core range of canned beers.

We’ll be working with all sorts of talented people to create new packaging as we brew fresh and interesting beers. As always, we’re overflowing with ideas, so watch this space for some special creations in the coming months! Oh, and if you’ve got any ideas about what we can put on our cans or the kind of beers you’d like to see us brew, then just get in touch and let us know.

But don’t worry …

Despite all these changes, we’re still going to keep all of your old favourites. Our core range of classic beers - Eden Gold, Pale, Cracker, Best, First Emperor and Fuggle - will all still be available in cask and bottle for you to love and enjoy just as much as you’ve always done.

To keep up to date with all the news from Eden, as well as exclusive offers, join our community. 


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