putting ourselves on our beer

One of the best things about being an independent brewery is that you have the freedom to be unique and brew exactly the kind of beer you want.

At Eden, our uniqueness is a direct result of the people who work here; our ideas, inspirations and idiosyncrasies. We think this creates far more interesting results for our fans than trying to follow some tried and tested formula.

Putting us on our beer

It’s because we put so much of ourselves into our beer (not literally, of course, don’t worry) that we were excited when Jemma Ainsworth, a talented young designer at University of Cumbria, came up with the idea of going one step further: by putting us on our beer.

Jemma came up with the idea as part of our Eden Student Design Project, which we hold each year to challenge young graphic designers to develop the artwork for some of our cans.

We were so impressed that we decided to use Jemma’s idea on our core range of canned beer. Keen students of Eden with well-honed taste buds will be able to recognise some of our previous “hop forward” range – albeit with new names – amongst them (let us know if you think you can!).

Put yourself on our beer!

Just as the people who work at the brewery are vital to how it works, the people who buy, drink and love the beer we produce are equally important. That’s why, next year,  we are going to flip the idea on its head and give you the chance to have your face on one of our cans.

Click here to find out how!

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