The Brewery

Eden Brewery was established in October 2011 in the old kitchens of Brougham Hall, near Penrith, Cumbria.

Our brewhouse was built by Vincent Johnson and originally comprised a 5 barrel mashtun, copper, hot liquor tank, cold liquor tank and 3 fermenters. This has since been increased, first to five 5 barrel fermenters, then by further expansion into another unit at Brougham Hall, which houses an additional two 10 barrel fermenters. We now have the capacity to produce 45 barrels of real ale per week – that’s 12,760 pints!

Eden Brewery started brewing in March 2012. Our first trial brew was Eden Best, although it took another three attempts to achieve the Eden Best that we brew today. Eden Gold and First Emperor then followed. Next came Eden Fuggle, which was the result of some hops we liked the aroma of at Charles Faram Hop Merchants. It was meant to be a limited release because we only purchased 10 kilos; but feedback was so good it’s here to stay!

Each year we aim to offer a new range of seasonal ales. In 2013 we focused on the great British hop, with each ale showcasing a classic hop. In 2014 we brewed Atomic Blonde and Dynamite, both well-hopped blonde ales!

In 2015 we introduced our Craft Cask range, which includes Atomic Blonde and Dynamite. We also added Green Bullet - brewed with the eponymous NZ hop - and Depth Charge, which is our first dry hopped cask lager, enjoy!

At the end of 2015 we added Rocket, a three hop American Amber.



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