Classics: Our traditional English ales

When we began brewing we set ourselves a challenge: To make sure every beer demanded attention. Our classic English ales may be traditional, but they’re never boring.

Eden Fuggle  

Cask Ale & 500ml Bottle 3.8%
Fuggle is a classic English hop. But when it comes to our beer, quality is everything. That’s why we made the sacrilegious decision to use French-grown Fuggle in this single malt, single hop ale. Sorry, English hops, you weren’t quite flavoursome enough. Enjoy the delicate flavour and aroma of Fuggle in a beer of real depth and character.

Eden Best

Cask Ale & 500ml Bottle 4.0%
Eden Best has a special place in our hearts as the first beer we ever brewed. We’ll be honest, in the beginning it was far from ‘the best’ at all. But three brews later we had perfected our gorgeous, light chestnut bitter. A delicate mixture of English hop varieties come together to create what we call “the best of the bests”.

Eden Gold

Cask Ale & 500ml Bottle 4.2%
In our home county of Cumbria Eden Gold has become our most famous beer, loved for its refreshment and fantastic flavour. We use a hand-picked selection of continental hops to make a blonde that stands out for its distinctive taste and beautiful colour.

Blonde Knight

Cask Ale 4.0% & 500ml Bottle 4.4%
We all love the moment when a cool beer hits the back of our throats. Blonde Knight is our gift to the parched of the world. We use 20 per cent rye malt for a crisp edge to cut through the most arid thirst and all American hops for a deep hit of citrus flavour.

First Emperor

Cask Ale 4.4% & 500ml Bottle 4.6%
The name of our traditional English IPA is inspired by King Edward VII, the first British Emperor of India. It reaches back in time to the days before IPA became all about American hops. We personally select a blend of English hops to create an India Pale Ale like it used to be - distinguished, subtle and full of class.

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