Hop forward: Homage to hops

We’re fascinated by the boundless flavours of the humble hop. That’s why we developed our Hop Forward range, to test the limits of our favourite varieties.

Atomic Blonde  

330ml Craft Can 5.3% & Limited Release Cask/Keg
Big, brash, fizzing flavours are synonymous with American hops these days. But we brewed Atomic Blonde to show our homegrown varieties can pack a punch as well. A powerful payload of quintessentially English Goldings are used for bitterness alongside the citrus sizzle of Admiral for extra taste & aroma.

Depth Charge

330ml Craft Can 5.3% & Limited Release Cask/Keg
At Eden authenticity matters. That’s why Depth Charge uses a true bottom-fermenting lager yeast and is left to cold ferment to create a genuine, invigorating Pilsner. Continental Saaz and Savinjski, and dry-hopping with Mosaic, create a lager full of tropical flavours and Arctic refreshment.

Amber Rocket

330ml Craft Can 5.5% & Limited Release Cask/Keg
We love American hops and Amber Rocket is triple charged with some of the best the US has to offer. A fusillade of Cascade, Chinook and Summit, sizzling with citrus and fruit flavours on a launchpad of Amber and Crystal malts.


330ml Craft Can 5.5% & Limited Release Cask/Keg
In beer, bitter-sweet can be beautiful. Thunderbolt combines the floral tones of Hallertau Blanc and subtle aroma of Huell Melon hops with a lavish loading of fresh oranges and passion fruit. A black beer iridescent with strawberry, lemongrass and refreshing citrus flavours.

Dynamite IPA

330ml Craft Can 5.7% & Limited Release Cask/Keg
When we created Dynamite we wanted to make a striking, hop-heavy beer that was easy to drink. Now we’re scared we might have done too good a job. In fact, you might have to force yourself to slow down a little to fully appreciate Dynamite’s incendiary blend of Willamette and Amarillo.

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