Hoppy craft cask ale


Hoppy Craft Cask


DYNAMITE The best of both worlds. Big, fat flavours of American Amarillo and Willamette fill this IPA with New World character, while a manageable ABV makes it a beer you can session on.  Cask Ale 4.0%

ATOMIC Distinctive and refreshing. Atomic uses Golding hops for bitterness and a healthy dose of the English high alpha hop Admiral for flavour and aroma. Cask Ale 4.1% 

GREEN BULLET Kiwi liquid gold. A taste of Pacific sunshine with Green Bullet and Rakau hops from New Zealand. Cara malt adds extra depth and richness. Cask Ale 4.2% 

ROCKET American Cascade, Chinook and Summit give this all American Amber ale a distinctive citrus flavour. Crystal malt adds colour and biscuit tones. Cask Ale 4.4% 

DEPTH CHARGE Serious refreshment from a cold fermented Pilsner with traditional Saaz and Savinsky Golding hops. Extra Mosaic hops make for a lager with tropical attitude. Enjoy cold from the cask. Cask Ale 5.1%. 

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