Limited edition: Unlimited taste

We believe the possibilities of beer are endless. Every year we create a range of special and limited release beers to set our imaginations free and experiment with original ingredients and stunning flavours.

Hop Rokket (previously Hop Rocket)  

330ml Bottle 7.8%
Hop Rokket started life as a limited edition beer. But its global fusion of Old and New World hops proved so popular it is now officially unlimited and regularly available. A deep, complex blend of American Cascade and Chinook, New Zealand Rakua & British Admiral, it’s a beer to savour.

Steamin Monk

330ml Bottle 9.3% - Available Spring 2017
Our beers are made to be savoured. And nothing encourages you to take your time and luxuriate like a Belgian Tripel. Steamin Monk adds a dash of Demerara sugar to continental Savinjski and Saaz hops for a powerful, luscious brew of extraordinary depth and character.

Yuzu Juice

330ml Bottle - Available Summer 2017
One of our favourite collaborators is our friend Dan, who brews beer at Hakuba Brewery in the mountains of Japan. This year we’ve worked together to brew Yuzu Juice IPA, blending the distinctive flavour of one of Japan’s favourite fruits with a well hopped pale ale.

Juniper Wit

330ml Bottle - Available Autumn 2017
Embrace the botanical and enjoy the sophistication of a wheat beer of distinction. Juniper Wit is a connoisseur's brew balancing the gentle tartness of juniper and fresh lemon zest with the fragrant spice of coriander.

Rebel Rebel

750ml Bottle - Available Winter 2017
Rebel Rebel grew out of a desire to mix the quaffable, clean drinking style of an English best bitter with the unmistakable flavour of American hops. The result of this transatlantic mash-up is a crisp, chestnut best that will satisfy swiggers and sippers in equal measure.

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